Common Names:
English: Blumea camphor, Ngai camphor
Ilocano: Sob-sob, Subusub, Subsob
Tagalog: Sambong
Visaya: Alibum, Alimon, Ayoban, Bukodkud, Dalapot, Gabuen, Gintin-gintin, Kambibon, Lalakdan

Folkloric uses:

  • Leaves as poultice for abscesses.
  • Decoction of roots and leaves for fevers and cystitis.
  • Sitz-bath of boiled leaves, 500 gms to a ballon of water, for rheumatic pains of waist and back.
  • Applied while hot over the sinuses. Used for wounds and cuts.
  • Fresh juice of leaves to wounds and cuts.
  • Poultice of leaves to forehead for headaches.
  • Tea is used for colds and as an expectorant; likewise, has antispasmodic and antidiarrheal benefits.
  • Postpartum baths.
  • Decoction of leaves, 50 gms to a pint of boiling water, 4 glasses daily, for stomach pains.

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