The parts of this plant that is widely used are the leaves and the flowering tops. The roots along with the leaves of lagundi are used for pain, expectorant and also a diuretic. Also, the root is used in a great variety of diseases: dyspepsia, colic, rheumatism, worms, boils, and leprosy. In Indo-China a decoction of the root is prescribed for intermittent fevers (30 grams of roots in 1 liter of water). The saps from the crushed leaves are used for colds and sore throat. Leaf decoction of lagundi are used for wounds, ulcers, treat gastric colic, flatulence and it can also help those lactating mothers to produce more milk for their babies. The seeds are boiled and eaten to prevent the spread of toxins from the poisonous bites of animals. The flowers are used for diarrhea, cholera and liver disorders.

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