Balitang Showbiz/La Greta sings her way through her troubles

La Greta sings her way through her troubles .
If there's one song that Gretchen Barretto ought to be singing when she celebrates birthday on March 17, it should be "Ako ang Nagwagi (I Am the Victor)", first popularized in 1979 by Dulce (that song went on to become a Filipino pop classic).
And why shouldn't La Greta be singing in triumph?
After weathering all the storms of controversies, after being portrayed in the media as an unfaithful partner to common-law husband and telecoms tycoon Antonio "Tonyboy Cojuangco"; after being slandered by best friend and former actress Nadia Montenegro, the actress-turned-recording artist has emerged all smiles, as sexy and glamorous as ever.
Gretchen’s album "Unexpected"—a project that started out as a hobby until it was picked up by Star Records—has no doubt benefitted from the publicity and will again be in the limelight once her music video comes out.
Gretchen promised her fans a sexy, slick yet still tasteful and classy music video of "Please Don’t Ask Me", a song by John Farnham that became a monster hit in the Philippines in the 1980s—and which she covers in her album.
"I just wanna sing"
Gretchen appeared on GMA-7’s "Startalk" but begged off any discussion regarding her ongoing rift with her best friend.
Since that undoubtedly put a damper on any further talk about what remains a simmering issue in local showbiz, Startalk host Lolit Solis put the focus on Gretchen, asking her what else she wants in this life.
Gretchen answered by singing "Fly Me to the Moon" one of the songs in her album.
This prompted Solis to point out that Gretchen’s tendency to answer questions with a song (as she did several times in previous press interviews) made her (Gretchen) look "luka-luka" (a Filipino term for "lunatic").
This apparent dig at Gretchen seemed not to affect the actress. She even kept on referring to Solis as "’Nay" (Filipino term of respect, meaning, "mother").
One can only admire Gretchen for foregoing any attempt at a comeback on her part—after all, she could have come up with one without much effort.
Solis and Gretchen were once on opposite camps when the 1994 Manila Film Festival scam was revealed: Gretchen was the star witness against Solis, who was later convicted for rigging the results of the Best Actress category.
Seemingly enraptured by her musical odyssey, Barretto could only tell the Startalk hosts: "I just wanna sing."
Unlocked heart
During the press conference that launched her album to the press, La Greta said that she laid herself bare through the songs especially chosen for "Unexpected".
"I feel that I need to share with everybody kung ano ang naramdaman ko this past year. Ang buhay ko, ang puso ko, nasa CD na ‘to. Wala na kayong puwedeng itanong kay Gretchen Barretto after you listen to this CD. You unlock my heart when you listen to this," she told reporters.
Perhaps then, listeners will find out the truth about Montenegro’s earlier statement, saying that Gretchen has "a black heart."
Montenegro has, in fact, apologized for her angry statements that were so offensive, Gretchen walked out of celebrity talk show "Entertainment Live" when the program aired a VTR that quoted Montenegro’s tirade.
E-Live later issued an official apology to Gretchen, saying that no offense was meant towards her when the VTR was aired as a backgrounder for viewers.
A week after that walkout, Gretchen agreed to another interview with "Entertainment Live" and said that she isn’t holding a grudge against the show.
"Maraming salamat. Kahit allergic ako sa flowers. Tintanggap ko hindi lang yung flowers, pati yung apology (Thank you. Even if I'm allergic to flowers I accept them as well as the apology)," Gretchen told the E-Live crew that caught up with her during the shoot for her music video.
Gretchen was asked whether she has any kissing scenes with her hunky co-stars in the video, male models turned actors Zanjoe Marudo and Jon Avila.
"Ayoko ng kissing scenes... ayoko ha, huwag niyo ako i-excite (I don't want any kissing scenes... no, don't get me excited)," she quipped, laughing along with the crew.
"Parati akong nachichismis na may kahalikan, eh mamaya pag meron eh di totoo na yan, hindi na chismis. May evidence, mahirap na 'yon," she added.
(I'm always rumored to be kissing other men. If we have kissing scenes then there would be some real kissing going on, not just rumors. There's evidence, which is risky.)
Claudine still "kuripot"
Gretchen said that she's happy about the support that her sister, actress and now Caloocan councilor Marjorie Barretto, has been giving her new album.
"Ilang libo ang binili niya, rich na si Marjorie! (She bought several thousand copies, she's rich now)," said Gretchen.
Younger sister Claudine however, has not been as enthusiastic.
"Si Claudine naman kuripot pa rin, hindi pa rin siya nagbabago. Sabi ko, 'Claudine, si Marjorie ilang libong CD ang binili. Ilang libong CD ang gusto mong bilhin?'
"[Sagot ni Claudine] 'I will buy 2.'
"'Two what? Two hundred? Two thousand?'
"'Two pieces.'," Gretchen said, laughing as she told the E-Live crew about her unsuccessful bid to have Claudine buy more CDs.
Gretchen is now in Boston in the United States, accompanying Tonyboy who is undergoing treatment for a throat condition.

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